Loeb Starts Video Game Practice

Jean-Luc Renault

Daily Journal

March 4, 2010

LOS ANGELES - Loeb & Loeb is launching a practice in video game entertainment and announced on Wednesday the hiring of a key partner to lead it.

Daniel Offner, the former chair of Nixon Peabody's intellectual property transactions group, will chair the Century City-based practice. Though there are no immediate plans to add additional lawyers to the group, firm leaders said they plan to eventually add to the team.

The addition comes as the video game industry is in a sales slump as consumers migrate from traditional console-based systems to online games.

"The industry is going through a fundamental and profound shift," said Offner, who will continue doing transactional work for current clients Atari, THQ, Emergent Game Technologies and other interactive entertainment companies. "My vision for the practice is to assist clients as they shift to digital platforms."

"My clients are also interested in creating properties that are not just cross-platform on video game systems like X-Box and Wii, but also properties for TV and film," he added.

Offner, who starts at Loeb on Monday, also plans to assist companies in obtaining financing for game development in the same way movie studios fund films.

A Yale graduate who received a law degree and MBA from Boston University, Offner's first deal was on behalf of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise involving a licensing agreement with video game maker Konami.

Although he doesn't play as often now, Offner said his career stems from his love of video games.

"Asteroids - that was when the addiction started," he said.

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