Alan Miles and Associates, Inc. opened our doors on April 15, 1998 (a day we knew we'd always remember!) After 13 years in the legal recruiting business, Alan had a vision of operating a firm with a unique philosophy: We don't make every placement; we just make the good ones.

Our firm is built on long term relationships. We do extensive research for both firms and candidates to ensure the best fit is accomplished. We are candid and up front, and pride ourselves on our honesty and frankness with everyone who works with our firm. We are committed to confidentiality from beginning to end, and that is why we choose not to advertise our achievements. It is not our style to be overt; rather, we believe our excellent reputation is best advertised by word of mouth.

Our unique philosophy contributes to the culture our firm embraces and enjoys. Our recruiters are specialists. From practice group mergers, to single partner placements, each recruiter focuses on a specific discipline, and uses their expertise to enhance each particular practice. We do not compete internally; we support and encourage each other, and if one recruiter's research uncovers information another recruiter could benefit from, it is shared freely among us. We have developed a camaraderie not usually seen in our industry.

We are extremely proud of the way we do business. We provide each candidate with an individualized approach to achieve the best results from their relationship with Alan Miles & Associates, Inc. We know that our clients are happy with us, because they return to us time and again for advice, support, information, additional placements, mergers, and even the occasional Bocce Ball game. If you have never spoken with us, we encourage you to call, and let our knowledge and expertise work for you.

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